dan caddell


insta - @dan.caddell

Fondly known as the guy with the shite shirts, Dan ended up in Scotland after falling asleep on a train to Newcastle; from there he got a job in a bar to pay his way, and quickly fell in love with hospitality, always working towards the end goal of eventually opening his own bar.

After managing several venues, and touring around Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, and Asia working (and drinking) in some of the best cocktail bars around, Dan returned to Dundee to open 3 Session Street and see his dream become a reality.


Top 5 bottles behind the bar:

1. Fernet Branca

2. El Jolgorio Arruqueno

3. Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz

4.Juyondai Junmai Ginjo

5. Wild Turkey 101



chris symonds


insta - @Arbikie_chris

Starting his bar-tending career after getting bored of playing card in 6th year canteen, Chris headed out to get a job, he discovered "Broons" the uber trendy cocktail bar and restaurant in the heart of St.Andrews. Serving Mojito's by the pint and Tequila by the bottle he quickly moved up the ranks to management. Follow positions for Mitchell & Butlers, Fairmont Hotel's, G1 and years in the Aberdeen scene, Chris moved to Oxford & London to test himself.

A year out to Snowboard and work his way around Canada made Chris decide that owning a bar was the dream. After meeting Dan on his first shift, the rest is history.


Top 5 bottles behind the bar:

1. Fernet Branca

2. Jindea Gin

3. Arbikie Haar

4. Lustau Vermut

5. Benedictine

While Chris & Dan are owner/operators its important to us to note our shareholder and investors. To Gordon, Alison, Ewan and Iain - we really couldn't have done this without your support. We look forward to growing Mixing Glass Bars Ltd with you and who knows.... there maybe another venue around the corner. 

If you would like to discuss any future investment opportunities or consultancy projects - please contact us below. 


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